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Your dog will come to live in the Woof Lounge as one our own, and we focus daily on the training goals we have set. The work is demanding but the environment is fun and positive. Your dog will have individual training throughout the day, as well as training with the other pups in a group if it applies.


Skills Covered:

  • teamwork

  • attention to handler

  • boundaries & permissions (no jumping)

  • good communication

  • strong self and impulse control

  • sit, down, stay in both positions

  • Place with focus and release 

  • loose leash walking/heel

  • coming when called

  • learning to self-calm

  • how to “leave” something on cue

  • targeting

  • self control in public settings

Because it is essential that you as your dog’s owner are equipped to maintain what your dog has learned, a follow-up session is included in the tuition.

Transfer Session: At the end of the Board & Train, we will spend an 3-45 min private sessions together with your dog learning how to maintain and grow your pup’s new skills.

 Lounge & Learn: 

 7 Day program for adult dogs and house-trained puppies: $1850/ 14 Day $3450

Your dog will typically have learned all of the above, and will probably have 3-4 “specialties”: behaviors with strong reliability even in the presence of distractions. 

Your dog typically will have learned ALL of the above,  and will be able to perform them in challenging areas and under distraction.

Please note: To keep other dogs in our care safe, Lounge & Learn is not a suitable option if your dog has issues around aggression or reactivity toward other dogs. We can support you with any problem areas for your dog via private instruction in our facilities as well as through our Rehabilitation Program.

We ask that if your dog attends a public daycare/kennel, please give them a 2-week break before attendance at Woof Houze.


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