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Let’s learn and have fun while doing it. Our PlayCare (Day Care)  is a great way to help your pup to learn and grow. We implement ONLY Positive Reinforcement Training, Socialization and Stimuli work in our program

led by Professional Canine Coaches.

What is PlayCare Day Group?

PlayCare takes place in our 7900 sq ft indoor facility that’s clean, cooled and controlled .

Our staff all professional trainers will help your pup to have fun and socialize all in a safe environment. Our team is led by a behavior expert on canine behavior & health so your fur babies are in great hands. 


Drop off your pup for 6 hours 9-3pm on Mondays & Wednesdays.  Aside from being stimulated through group work and obstacles, your pup will also have free play time, enjoy small group and large group pack walks to assist with proper outdoor socialization.


When it’s time to go home, you can enjoy your tired, calm, relaxed, pup. 



**PlayCare: Must be paid on full when booked. Bookings close on Friday of the previous week. 


If needing assistance call, email, or text us that you need PlayCare  and we will get you set up.

Cost is $55.00 for drop in plus 3% service fee for credit cards


Choose a

6 visit Play Pack $315.00


10 Play Pack $499.00


Call us for more information.

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