Let Woof Houze help educate you to embrace their nature. Our team believes that knowledge is power. We help you to prepare for the time you decide to bring home a new puppy or rescue. We help you to know the ins and outs of what to expect when adding a fur-baby to your family. As well as the importance of being educated on CPR and first aid for your pet. 

Classes Offered

CPCR (CPR) & Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid classes give pet parents the confidence and skills necessary to manage unexpected pet emergencies until they can be brought to a veterinarian. Woof Houze University offers classes with hands-on training in CPR & Pet First Aid procedures. This is a 4 hour class. 


Know Your Breed

Know Your Breed helps you to better understand which breed is right for you and your family? We sometimes do not realize that there are breeds that thrive in a particular dynamic. Although breeds you think you may want are cute and fluffy your apartment may not be the best place for a pup such as a German Shepard. Let us help you to ensure that you make the best decision for you and your new fur baby. This is a 2 hour class.

Dog Confidence 101

Do you have some anxiety or fear when interacting with your pup? Maybe when walking because they pull or lunge and that scares you? This class is for you. We also help with you taking back control in a healthy and positive way if you have a pup that guards or may be out of control. Dog Confidence 101 will also assist in regaining your confidence with dogs if you had a bad experience. This is a 2 hour class.