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I want to train but…


Hi Woof Pack,

It seems that motivation has been a area that many are lacking when it comes to working with their pups. The problem with this is we are seeing a rise in dogs being board and trained instead of learning and growing with their families. Now don’t get me wrong we to offer our Lounge & Learn service but this is still us having a familiarity with the family dynamic as well as the family being a part of the training.

The scary part of all of this is so many dogs are being placed in the wrong hands. Being shocked with ecollars, trained with force or fear and its just damaging the canine. We get calls, texts, emails and walk ins daily asking can we take someones dog for training. This just breaks my heart that these pet parents don’t want to be a part of the process. I know life is busy but never to busy to set your dog up for success.

We also get daily emails telling us…”I haven’t even started training, I don‘t know how.” Or what’s your price…training is to expensive.

I say DO or DO NOT…there is no how! The disease of tomorrow is enabling your pup to continue showing the unwanted behaviors. Get up and get started!

The thing that you need is to find out the approach you want to take with training and the person if you don’t have the education or experience to help. If you need a community of motivation and inspiration then join our virtual Pack Movement. We aim to give our Pack all the tools needed to help their pup for 5-10 mins a day, that’s all it takes.

Everyday’s success will motivate you to train again the next day! You are not alone. I can help you make the commitment to train for just a few minutes, consistently.

I promise to be there to support and guide our tribe to be the best we can be for our pups in a fun and exciting ways but most of all not taking to much of your time. You’ll watch my short videos and put what you learned into action, then you get on with your day.

Sound like a plan??

If so text I’m In for the Pack Movement to 540-456-WOOF (9663) to join us and get motivated to train without pain!

Now what’s your excuse??? See you on the inside!!

Bark On,

Coach Adia

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