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Let’s Talk Stimulation

Keeping a dog mentally stimulated is important for their overall well-being. Variety in a dog’s daily routines may also reduce behavioral problems. Here are some fresh ideas…

DIY Obstacle Course: Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course using household items like boxes, baskets, and blankets. Double down with nosework: Add treats and let your dog explore.

Novelty Walks: Take your dog on different walks to expose them to unfamiliar scents, sights, and sounds. New experiences and places can engage their curiosity and excite their senses. Try using a long lead 30 or 50ft and see what a difference it makes for your dog! (Send us a video to enter to get a FREE custom long lead!) send video to

Interactive Feeding: Use food-dispensing toys or puzzle feeders rather than a food bowl. This encourages problem-solving, and makes meals mentally enriching. Remember dogs like a job they love to work. Make meal time a job with a big win!

Training Challenges: Increase the complexity of training by playing new games.. This keeps your dog engaged and sharpens their obedience skills…. Speaking of which… Get ready for a fun community challenge!

Stay tuned...

Bark On!

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