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Woof Houze to Open Canine Wellness & Training Studio Soon.

I'm so very happy to share some exciting news! We are getting closer to the opening of our Canine Wellness & Training Studio. After many changes and setbacks, its almost time! Our 7900 sq ft facility will provide training, enrichment, grooming, Woof Pack Retail Shop & Kitchen, Do it yourself Woof Wash, and Woof Houze University Classes. Our classes will be for Pup and Parent such as Know Your Breed, Breathe CPCR (CPR) for canines, Dog Confidence and more.

As thankful that I am for all of your support, I'm also nervous about this venture. As many of you know canines are my passion and I feel it shows through my work. I'm elated to bring awareness to the proper care and training for our sweet furry friends and to educate the owners of these amazing creatures to embrace their nature. We will feature options to take your pup from A-Z offering our Woof Pack Puppy training from 8 weeks to 1 year. I feel that the first year of a canines life is critical to the mental, emotional, and physical health of your pup. The first year can truly make or break the bond built with the family as well instilling proper behavior, boundaries and permissions that can lead to harmony on both ends of the leash.

I created Woof Houze Studio to be a safe haven for not only dog training but a safe place for owners to ask the hard questions? A place to get your dog who you think can never be trained and show you the right way to do it. And best of all communicating with fido 100% positive! No e-collars just the sound of your gentle voice. I'm here to help with the pup that you thought could never socialize or co -exist with another dog, the pup that other trainers said can't be trained. A well trained dog comes down to respecting them and earning their trust in turn will give you a beautifully trained pup, not a robot but a great, happy, companion. I will be there to help with the yeast between the paws, bad breath lol, and gut health questions with our amazing all natural supplement line. I'll stop there and keep a few surprises...

We are now enrolling for our 4 Week Express Puppy Classes. Our July Classes are currently full so we encourage early enrollment. The cost for the 4 week class is $150.00 and are limited to 4 spots per class. We will train on Come, Sit, Watch, Down, and Stay. Your pup will graduate with a formal ceremony and receive a Woof Houze Certificate of Excellence and be eligible for intermediate classes.

I loof forward to assisting your pup with Private or Group Training, Fear Free Grooming, Canine Nutrition, Pet Sitting.Walking or just to say hello. Stay tuned to our Grand Opening email and hope to see you there.

Wags & Woof,


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