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Academy Details

What We Do:

Modeled after an academy-like schedule and structure, we help puppies ages 9weeks to 9 months to learn early on so they are well-mannered members of the family. This happens with no fear, no pain and all positive training. Helping to shape your pup to be confident, obedient, and happy. School hours are Monday and Wednesday from 9am-5pm with early drop off available beginning at 7am. Extra Credit Friday is from 9am-2pm.

Our goal is to relieve the stress of puppyhood from new puppy parents by offering exceptional support and training services that take away the time-consuming burden of traditional training methods, while simultaneously building owners’ confidence in their ability to manage their pup at home and in public with ease.

We take the Ruff out of PuppyHood! This is PuppyHood Made Simple!

Your Puppy Will Learn:

Siberian husky puppy of a student in glasses and tie on the background of a blackboard wit

  • Obedience Commands with Verbal & Hand Signals:

  • Name Game (understanding their name)

  • Focus with Sit ,Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Place, Wait, Drop It and Fetch

  • Potty and Crate Training (we only crate if you require it, the goal is confidence to be left out!)

  • Leash Manners & Training

  • Nipping and Bite Inhibition Training

  • No Jump and Controlled Bark Training

  • Socialization & Exposure to Stimuli

  • Calm Threshold Training

  • Beginning of Recall Training

  • Distraction Training

  • Good Eating Habits Training including Waiting for Water Bowl Training

  • Desensitization & Familiarization with noises and common household appliances with our noise therapy.

  • Grooming, Handling and Teeth Brushing Training

  • Rules and Boundaries Training to teach your pup what is expected of them so you can enjoy the well-mannered pup you desire in the home, office and outdoors!  


*All training packages include both classroom and "real world" training. Private 1-on-1 Owner Lessons and small group are available for an additional cost to set you up for the bond through training which equals success with your pup!

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