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Canine Coaching & Wellness

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No pup is perfect...but you can have the well-trained pup you've always wanted! The relationship between an animal and its owner is a unique connection. With Woof Houze Canine Coaching and Wellness, you get the finest certified Canine Coaches to team with you and your canine to condition your pet for the behaviors you desire.

We use humane, natural, canine approved training methods.
NO Shock Collars. No Fear Training.
  • Address:

    445 Emancipation Hwy

    Fredericksburg VA, 22401


    Mon, Fri | 7:30am to 5:00pm (Daycare Only)

    Tu, Th | 10:00am  to 4:00pm 

    Wed | 12:00pm- 6:00pm

    Sat |  9:00am - 2:00pm

    Sun  | Closed

  • Address:

    395 Garrisonville Road

    Stafford, VA 22554


    Sun  | Closed

    M, W, F | 1:00pm to 7:00pm

    Tu, Th | 10:00am -6:00pm

    Sat | 9:00am to 2:00pm

  • Coming Soon!





Ricky Patton

"The staff at Woof Houze were very knowledgeable, patient and genuinely caring for the wellbeing of all dogs. I would also like to add that the building is AMAZING!"

Christina Rowe

"Rocco’s confidence has increased and he no longer shakes and whines when we leave the house. We are so happy and the investment- believe me- is worth it!"

Jamie Lane

"Adia and the entire Woof Houze crew have been so amazing. Adia started training with Koopa when he was just a little guy, and now at 8 months we have seen MAJOR progress"

Jessica Little

"We have made so many leaps and bounds in his training and we’re still improving more every day. I would and have recommended Woof Houze to anyone."

Katie Breth

"We had such a wonderful experience with Woof Houze! Adia and her team are professional and extremely knowledgeable. Not only did Barley grow and learn, but so did we as his owners."

Rita W.

"I was so impressed with the Woof Houze facility and the professionalism of the staff. Woof Houze is more than a training facility; it is a place you can call home for your canine."

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