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Grooming Salon 
Isabella's Room

 Giving the canine a choice can make an entire world of difference during the grooming process. For example, when we take a canine in the back room to the bath, many canines will walk happily beside us until right when they get to that tub, and then the brakes go on. Instant fear, all four legs splayed out like we are dragging them to their own death. And at that point many groomers, either pull on the grooming loop to force them into the tub, and if that doesn’t work, especially if it’s a 10 pound dog, many of them will just scoop the dog up and place the dog in the tub. And if a large breed will call you to pick them up because they are being aggressive. These experiences cause fear, anxiety and unwanted behaviors. 

Here at Woof Houze we wanted to offer a Fear Free Grooming Experience. Isabella's Room is in memory of Founder/Operator Adia S. Washington. Isabella (Bella) always loved smelling and looking good lol. A little 8 pound diva. Grooming was a true day at the spa for her. But this wasn't always the case for Bella. Adia worked with her to help to counter condition Bella into loving  not fearing the grooming experience. This was through being  part of the grooming process as well as rewarding her for being open to it. We know as humans how scary it can be to be dropped off with a stranger. So we invite you to stay and learn! We also offer a bonding experience before the first groom to allow your pup and yourself to get acquainted and feel the positive energy in the space. We are hoping you give us an opportunity to become of part of one of the most important things in your canines life, cleanliness

We offer natural grooming based on our values:

Canines are sensitive creations that require respect and attention.
Every canine is special in their own unique way. 
Giving special attention, groomed delicately and patiently

utilizing the best products for that canine .
Your fur baby is cared for at all times with undivided attention.

Ask about our Good Dog Discounts.

Check Out a few of our services below. Please go to book online for additional services, 

Bath & Brush

Starting at $65.00

For canines who just need a bath to maintain a healthy-looking coat, clean ears & trimmed nails.

service includes:

  • Double Shampoo

  • Conditioning  

  • High Velocity Dryer

  • Brush out

*Price varies based on breed, coat condition & service time. Stylist will determine final pricing based off of needs of your pet. 

Bath & Haircut

starting at $90.00

For dogs who need a bath & haircut.

service includes:

  • Wash/Dry

  • Full Body Cut

  • Ear cleaning & hair removal 

  • Scissoring & pad shaving

  • Nails

*Price varies based on breed, coat condition & service time. Stylist will determine final pricing based off of needs of your pet. 

Ultimate Grooming Experience 

Fear Free

Starting at $159.00 

For canines who need  one on one special attention:

​Recieve any of our servies with our Fear Free Approach. Slow, steady and never kenneled .

  • We get your pup comfortable before any services are performed

  • You may stay to assist 

  • Trainer is present if needed

  • Learn how to care for your pups coat in between grooms. 

You Must complete an in salon consultation before booking, 

*Price varies based on breed, coat condition & service time. Groomer will determine final pricing based off of needs of your pet. 

*Dematting is an additional service and fee

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